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Woodburning Saunas

woodburning-saunasWood burning sauna heaters give your sauna a distinctive, more natural feel or let you build a sauna where there is no easy access to an electrical supply. The stoves are designed and built with safety in mind. They are also extremely reliable and hardwearing, built from thick steel so that the heat is retained for as long as possible. They take very little maintenance.

The firebox will generally have a glass door so that the fire provides a soft glow inside the sauna while the bathers are protected from the fire itself. Normally, stoking the fire just once will raise the temperature in the sauna to the desired level; although wood fired saunas do take longer to heat up than their electrical equivalents.

Wood burning sauna stoves come in a range of sizes and therefore heat outputs, there will be one to suit the size of sauna that you have in mind. The chimney is obviously an important consideration in a wood-fired sauna installation. In most wood burning saunas the chimney from stove to just below the sauna ceiling is un-insulated so that no heat is lost but then has to be carefully insulated where it goes through the ceiling and roof and vents to the outside.

Maintenance is fairly simple and much as you would expect from any wood burning fire. Ashes have to be removed and the flue has to be swept and checked for blockages on a regular basis but other than that, they are usually problem free.

And, of course you can also get a lot of exercise chopping your own firewood! This new range of woodburning saunas are made of thermo modified Spruce. The thermo treatment is a wood treating treatment in high temperatures 170-230 degrees C in which moisture, bacteria, and acids are removed from the wood. Thermowood has a greater resistance to fungal attack and mould. These saunas are professionally assembled by the manufacturer and delivered as such. All you need to do is attach the woodburner.

Small Barrel Sauna

4 persons

Small barrel sauna, suitable for 4 persons. Includes a woodburner. Contact us...

Price: € 6999.00

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Small Barrel Sauna with Porch

4 persons

Small barrel sauna with porch. Includes a woodburner. Contact us for details...

Price: € 7999.00

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Small Barrel Sauna with Window

4 persons

Small barrel with porch and thick glass half or full rear window. Includes...

Price: € 8999.00

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