Simply Spas’ Repair Service

Call Out a Service Technician

If something goes wrong with your spa, take a look at our troubleshooting guide in our information centre. If the problem persists please don’t hesitate to call us, sometimes there can be a quick fix by simply talking to one of our technicians.

If you do need a technician to come to your home, we offer a service of repair and maintenance delivered by our highly trained and efficient team of engineers.

Our call out rates

  • €90 HT for up to 1 hour of our time, and pro-rata rate per 1/4 hour after that.
  • Weekend call out 120 HT
  • Public Holidays, Out of hours & Emergency call out 150€ HT

When booking please explain in as much detail what has gone wrong so that we can try to bring all necessary parts. Please call our service department on 0648472758 to book.

Please note all new parts supplied will be charged for unless under warranty. To ensure you enjoy many years of problem free use from your hot tub, we recommend at least one annual service. This will help to safeguard your investment and, in the same way as a car service, keeps your spa in tip top condition, enabling any small, as yet unnoticed faults to be simply rectified before larger and more costly problems develop.

Buying and maintaining a Hot Tub can be costly. So why not protect your investment with a Hot Tub Repair and Maintenance Plan?

Investing in a pay monthly plan will give you your very own Hot Tub Hero, leaving you with peace of mind 365 days a year. Includes unlimited priority call outs, labour, two full services, one before the Winter season and one before the Summer season, new filters  – and if your hot-tub fails, we will install a temporary model until the spa has been replaced or repaired.

Please contact us for further details. Prices from 999€ per year depending on the age and condition of your tub.

Our repair service is offered to our existing customers only, however our Hot-tub Repair and Maintenance Plan is open to all, subject to acceptance.