electrically-heated saunas

Luxury & Bespoke Saunas

Our luxury red cedar and thermowood saunas come in various shapes and sizes, with porches, changing rooms and amazing features such as a domed or a full flat picture window.

These windows can have a mirrored coating so that you can look out at the beautiful view but no-one can see you in there!

Even the heaters come in a variety of incredible styles making your sauna a never to be forgotten experience! Just tell us exactly what you want and we will find it for you or it can be made to order.

Please contact us for details and prices.

Dundalk Leisure Craft

Our luxury barrel saunas come with either a beautiful domed panoramic window or a flat glass front allowing you to make the most of your beautiful view!

Design your own, would you like a porch with cooling down seats, luxury benches, LED lights, you can even have a changing room! Just tell us your wishlist and we can make it happen!

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luxury and bespoke saunasluxury and bespoke saunasluxury and bespoke saunas