JetPak Technology from Villeroy & Boch

Whereas competitors continue to work with many long pipes, Villeroy & Boch has gone one step further: the latest generation of JetPak™ technology dispenses entirely with the pipes behind the JetPaks™. An innovation that is second to none!


Individual JetPak™ therapy

Every JetPak™ II is designed to enable you to enjoy a unique massage experience. The 16 different JetPaks™ can be easily exchanged via a simple click system. This means you can easily enjoy your favourite massage wherever you prefer to sit!

Tremendous variety of jets

Villeroy & Boch hot tubs offer a huge variety of different jets to cater for very special massage needs. No other hot tub offers such a wide range of possibilities.

Individually adjustable

Every JetPak™ can be individually adjusted. This means that, even if several people are using the hot tub at the same time, everyone can enjoy and individually control their own massage experience.


Optimum mix of water and air

To optimise the power, the water passes through powerful pumps in the Aqua&Air unit behind the jets. The air drawn in from above is mixed with the water and pressed through the jets.

No pipework

The new generation of JetPak™ II technology dispenses entirely with the pipes behind the JetPaks™. No competitor product can offer this as other suppliers continue to work with long pipes. The advantage? Maximum energy efficiency as no heat is lost through external pipes.

Efficient water inlet

Villeroy & Boch hot tubs entirely dispense with long pipes. This ensures more power for an intense massage.

Explore The Full Range of JetPaks

Neckblaster Maximum relaxation


The Neck Blaster JetPak™ offers a unique, deep massage that helps to release tension in the neck and shoulder area, quickly restoring mobility.

Alleviate Carefully adjusted therapy


The Alleviate JetPak™ offers eight targeted therapy jets. Each jet is designed to address special massage points and muscle regions in your body.

Pulsator Gentle, pulsating massage


The Pulsator JetPak™ has six rotating and pulsating jets. This pleasant, gentle massage experience helps you to relax and come to rest.

AcuTherapy Targeted relaxation


The AcuTherapy JetPak™ is a therapeutic combination massage; jets that massage deep tissue in order to release deep-seated tension and those that apply an even pressure in order to relax the shoulders and middle back.

Gyro’ssage A gentle, soothing feeling


The Gyro’ssage JetPak™ offers a rhythmical, kneading massage for the whole back. Five rotating, single-pulse jets enable you to float away into a calm, meditative state.

Reliever Maximum relaxation


The Reliever JetPak™ combines a deep massage for the lower back with a gentle kneading of the shoulder area. The result is sheer relaxation.

Deeprelief Deep pain relief


The DeepRelief JetPak™ offers a powerful, deep massage, providing relief for deep-seated muscular tension.

FibroTherapy Reduces pain and promotes health


The Fibro Therapy JetPak™ was developed in collaboration with health experts. It ensures the greatest possible relaxation away from the hectic pace of everyday life. A unique kneading principle eases your lower back whilst, at the same time, a deep, continuous massage at thoracic vertebrae level ensures that you can relax.

Neck Masseuse Targeted therapy for the neck

Neck Masseuse

The Neck Masseuse JetPak™ offers a unique massage that will help you reduce tension and get on with your life with renewed energy. The numerous neck and shoulder jets create a powerful massage that penetrates deep into the tissue, where it releases tension.

Oscillator Ultimate kneading massage


One of the most popular JetPaks™, the Oscillator, is akin to a personal masseur. You will simply love this massage that kneads all the important areas of your back.

Cascadia Tropical waterfall and massage


Designed for the models A8, A8L and A8D, the Cascadia JetPak™ offers a gentle four-point massage that targets your neck and shoulders with a gentle jet of water..

Rainshower The tingle factor


A beneficial and gentle massage that reduces mental stress and is good for your skin. No other hot tub can offer you anything comparable as these shower jets are only available in the JetPaks™ for Villeroy & Boch hot tubs.

Spinal Health Powerful therapy for the back muscles

Spinal Health

The Spinal Health JetPak™ massages tense muscles along the spine for deep relaxation.

Spinal’ssage Simply Relaxed


The Spinal’ssage JetPak™ offers a simple yet highly effective massage of the spinal area. The two rotating and pulsating jets relax the central back in particular.

Wellness Maximum health and wellness


The Wellness JetPak™ features different types of jets in order to offer a unique massage experience. It is extremely popular with those wanting to do something for their general wellbeing.

Lumbar Targeted therapy for the lower back


The Lumbar JetPak™ offers a deep hydromassage that targets special pressure points in the lower back. This special region of your back is used when lifting objects, when running and walking and when performing many other movements. This part of the back in particular is easily strained, however, now you can release this tension in the comfort of your own home with this exclusive JetPak™.

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