electrically-heated saunas

Barrel Saunas with Electric Stoves

Our range of red cedar Barrel Saunas can be positioned either indoors or outdoors and add a touch of class and focal point to your garden. These saunas are built using Canadian red cedar which has a natural resistance to insects and decay damage. The barrel sauna, due to its unique shape, offers strength, stability and is very energy efficient with the added benefit of requiring virtually no ongoing maintenance.

A true sauna experience, according to traditional Finnish standards, involves a heater and stones. If the stones are dry, you have what’s called a dry sauna experience; if you ladle a small amount of water onto the heated stones, it creates a burst of steam, adding humidity to the air, and you then have what’s called a wet sauna experience.

Here at Simply Spas, we proudly sell saunas according to traditional Finnish standards. These saunas are shipped on a pallet and can be easily assembled within hours or we can offer an installation service. This is all back up by a 1 year parts and labour warranty.

For our outdoor Barrel Saunas, Western red cedar has always served well. It is a lumber that is naturally resistant to the elements, and it has often been remarked that the cedar smell is a special bonus. The most traditional cedar of choice has been clear with no or minimal knots.

We have rustic Western red cedar Barrel Saunas available for anyone who wants a more organic, woodsy feel to their oasis of relaxation. Rustic cedar has a collection of beautiful, tight knots.

We also have a range of Thermowood barrel saunas. Thermo treatment is a wood treating process in high temperatures 170-230 degrees C in which moisture, bacteria and acids are removed from the wood. Thermowood has a greater resistance to fungal attack, rot and mould. These saunas are professionally assembled by the manufacturer and delivered as such.

All you need to do is attach the woodburner or electric stove. If you have any questions about the saunas we offer, please download our “All about Barrel Saunas” pdf or contact us at any time!

Prices on request.