The Exclusive Collection

Our Exclusive collection spas are as good on the inside as they look on the outside, with professional cutting-edge design, precision engineering, the most innovative spa massage features ever developed, synergy water maintenance system and hybrid heating technology.

All our prices include TVA, installation, cover, steps, chemical starter kit and a bottle of bubbly so that you can christen it in style! NB: Some of these spas are very heavy and lifting equipment may be required.


7 persons

Price: € 13999.00

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Tour de France

3 persons

Price: € 11499.00

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The Flaine Wave

7 persons

Price: € 14999.00

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The Tignes

4 persons

Price: € 10449.00

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The Theatre Spa

8 persons

Price: € 19999.00

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The Overflow

7-8 persons

Price: € 18999.00

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6 persons

Price: € 9995.00

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